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How to make the most of your hair and makeup trial

When booking your trial...

I will send you a booking form, if you can complete it with as much information as possible, your skin type, skincare routine, your daily makeup routine (if there is one!), photos of yourself with daily makeup would be helpful along with photos of your hair, so I can see the length and thickness.

A makeup look is personal to everyone, we all wear a different amount of makeup and like different looks on ourselves, its normally what we are used to seeing ourselves look like, natural brows or thick or thin eyeliner, etc. It's really good to think of what you most like on yourself and what you dislike. If you really don't know that is totally fine, I am trained to make you look your best and to work with your natural features, eyeshapes, etc.

Pictures of your dress and colour scheme.... I love seeing dress pictures, if you have a picture of you in your dress that will help give me ideas for hair styles. Colour scheme is also good to know so I can make sure the colours all work in harmony and not clash.

Before you arrive..

Hair : You know your hair the best, if you

have naturally frizzy hair and it works better day 2 after it being washed please come in with your hair the way you feel its best to style, I would ask for you not to arrive with wet or dirty hair please.

I always suggest that you shop for your bridal hair accessory after you have chosen your wedding hair style, I have lots of accessories we can try to see what you like the look of.

Makeup: Please arrive without makeup on if possible or with minimal makeup.

The best clothes to wear to your trial are the same colour as your dress, white, cream, etc. Its also great to wear a top that mimics your dress shape, I like to take pictures of you after the trial, to look back on before your wedding day, ill also send you the photos so you can see how you will look on the day.

We will of course be able to discuss ideas for your bridesmaids’ hair and makeup requirements. If they wish to also have a trial this can be arranged at a further time/date.

I will make notes of all we have created and work out how long I need to be with you on the day to make sure we have plenty of time.

Please Note: Due to the use of very hot equipment for hair-styling, I kindly ask you not to have babies/young children at the trial, your eyes will be closed for makeup for 70% of the appointment.

I cant wait to meet you at your trial,

Kate x



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